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A Guide to Buick Diecast and Collectibles, by Joey O'Connor, is 276 pages with over 700 photos of the most complete guide to Buick diecast and collectibles. Information and collector values on Buick diecast/plastic cars and trucks, postcards, models, posters, placemats, press kits, literature, books, magazines and more! Racing related and regular production related.

A Guide to Buick Diecast and Collectibles 'Of all the Buick books a Buick fan could own, this should be on the top of the list. It is the most detailed collection of photographic history that I have ever seen. With over 700 photos, you will wonder how in the world did he do this! Just going through the book will inspire anyone into Buicks. I know this sounds a bit cliche'; but, it truly is a genuine treasure chest for all Buick fans!' ----- Steven L. Dove, world renowned author including the titles of The Buick Grand National T-Type & GNX: the Facts & Figures Book, Vol.1 & Vol.2 and Guide to Buick Gran Sports


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