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Fact sheet: Buick's Strong J.D. Power showing and other quality wins - For the past several years, Buick has consistently ranked among the leaders in quality.

The 2005J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Survey released Wednesday, May 18,shows an unwavering commitment by Buick to build the very best quality productsfor it's loyal group of buyers as well as for new customers that may not havethought about Buick in the past. In addition to winning top honors in themidsize and large car segments, the Oshawa Car Assembly plant - builder of theall-new Buick LaCrosse - was given the award for Number One assembly plant.

BuickGeneral Manager Steve Shannon said Buick's ranking allows his team to continueto challenge people to think differently about Buick and its quality story."Oshawa 2 -- which is building the all-new Buick LaCrosse right now -- hasbeen a strong plant for years and has kept Buick at the top of a number ofquality rankings," he said. "This J.D. Power recognition for theplant, the Buick brand and its models is another proof point of Buick'sworld-class quality and the momentum we've been building for years."

RecentBuick Quality recognition includes:

2005 J.D. Power and Associates Gold Plant Award - Oshawa 2, home of the Buick LaCrosse and Century

2005 J.D. Power and Associates Bronze Plant Award - Detroit Hamtramck, home of the 2006 Buick Lucerne

2005 J.D. Power and Associates Premium Midsize Car segment award - Buick Century

2005 J.D. Power and Associates Full Size Car segment award - Buick LeSabre

Buick was the fourth-ranked nameplate in the J.D. Power and Associates 2005 Initial Quality Study.

Buick Rainier was ranked top the Medium SUV by Strategic Vision in the 2005 Total Quality Study (TQS) released this week.

Buick is number two in long-term dependability (J.D. Power special report - Sept. 2004).

Buick ranks number two in customer satisfaction (J.D. Power special report - Sept. 2004).

The Buick LeSabre won the R. L. Polk and Co. Loyalty Award in the large car category. Marketing to ClosePerception Gap

Buickreleased a series of ads in April designed to address the critical gap inconsumer perceptions and actual facts of Buick's quality.

The printads direct readers to Buick's quality micro-site ( There, aspecial report is available to view from J.D. Power and Associates highlightingBuick's focus on quality and long-term dependability.

"We'rein the midst of a complete product makeover," said Buick MarketingDirector Margaret Brooks. "Our quality - as rated by a number of consumergroups - remains among the highest in the industry, but consumers don't knowthis. With quiet confidence, we're just looking to remind people of our highquality performance."

Accordingto Brooks, a line from the ad sums up Buick's perspective: "At Buick, weknow that quality makes the difference between a car you like and a car youlove."

Additionally,Buick advertising touting its J.D. Power rankings began appearing this week.

Source: Copyright © Buick Motor Division of The General Motors Corporation - All Rights Reserved.

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